Tales from the CP Hire Workforce

In any business, the heart and soul of a company come from its staff. From long-time industry experts to our budding apprentices, CP Hire, alongside our CP Safe culture, puts staff development at the core of what we do, ensuring the best quality for you. Below are just a few of the amazing team members from countless industry experts who make CP Hire who we are.

Devoted Long term Staff

Dedication, commitment and, most importantly, staff satisfaction are why employees such as Paul have been with the company for over 9 years.

Close up picture of a man a shoulder heightPaul joined CP Hire GB at the very first depot in Cardiff back in 2013. Before working in Plant Hire, however, Paul operated his own cleaning business before heading over to the world of diggers and dumpers.

Throughout the years at CP Hire, Paul grew alongside the business moving into different roles from sorting and washing machines to PDI engineer and fitter. Jump to the present day and he’s now responsible for the entire yard in Cardiff:

“[CP Hire] is my life and I’ve caught the bug for it. Every plant that leaves for site is personal to me knowing that I’ve put my mark on it.”

Stories such as Paul’s are what make, and continue to make, CP Hire exactly who we want to be. Thank you, Paul, for all your continued work and dedication to CP Hire!

Expertise Left, Right & Centre

Ever wondered what it’s like to be in the trade for 40+ years? Well, one of our very own drivers has been there and done it!

Close up picture of a man a shoulder heightColin (or Meatloaf as he’s known over the intercoms) is our well-renowned HGV Driver in Bristol, who’s been working with us for over 5 years! Starting at the ripe age of 21, Colin fell into the role the very same year as passing his driving test. – So driving always came naturally to him!

Since then, it’s been “plant hire, plant hire, plant hire” for Colin. With over four decades under his belt, Colin has become infamous not just for his personality, but also for his knowledge of the road and traversing through lanes with ease without the need of a Sat Nav.

As you’d expect, things were a little different back in the ‘80s. According to Colin, the seismic shift in health & safety regulations, plant innovations and road networks have been monumental over the past 40 years.

We’re extremely proud to have Colin alongside us and we wish him well in his retirement in a few years.

Investing for the Future

Investing in the next generation for the construction industry, in particular, is integral for both CP Hire and the sector as a whole. Bringing on budding apprentices is one of the many ways we develop our staff to help diversify our workforce and teach them the ropes of plant hire.

Introducing Adam, our Marketing Coordinator who’s been working at CP Hire for just under a year at the age of just 21 years old. Since starting his apprenticeship, Adam went on to be the first apprentice at his apprenticeship provider to achieve a Distinction in Level 3 Digital Marketing and is now studying as a Level 4 Marketing Executive.

With that, Adam is not only responsible for our online and offline marketing efforts but, in addition to this, he assists in the day-to-day support of our Area Sales Managers.

Keep up the hard work Adam and we’re sure you’ll ace your Level 4 exam in December of this year!

Continuous Staff Support

Knowledge is king. We firmly believe that investing in our staff ensures we have a brighter future. Staff training is not something that should happen once.

Through our CP safe culture, we believe in not just upskilling our existing staff but also educating both customers and team members on the products and services we provide amongst the promotion of our exceptional health & safety standards. We do this through our regular CP Safe seminars, our reoccurring training days, and ‘Toolbox Talks’.

For more information on how our business operates, take a look at our most recent news articles or follow us on social media. Plus, if you like what you see, why not visit our vacancy page?

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