Supporting the next generation is imperative. As a company, we appreciate the impression schemes like the Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards can make on a young person. That’s why CP Hire offers commercial support to give young people the platform to express themselves and learn valuable life lessons first-hand.

According to DofE, “80% of young people with additional needs, felt the DofE improved their ability to work with others.”


Launched in 2021, the ‘Geraint Thomas Cycling Trust’ believes social or economic background should not be a barrier to getting on a bike. All children and young adults are encouraged to partake in cycling to experience the benefits it brings.

With our contributions and partnership, the GTCT is helping to break down these hurdles and build independence for budding cyclists by offering them the opportunity to exercise together and form lasting relationships.


Within the field of construction, we work alongside the ‘Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity’ who offer “emotional, physical and financial support to construction workers and their families”. In fact, just in 2020 alone, the Lighthouse Club raised £500,000 and supported over 2,000 families in crisis.

Especially in the construction industry, the awareness of workers’ mental health has often been overlooked in the past. However, with the help of the Lighthouse Club, we make the well-being of our worker’s priority number one by running regular health and safety awareness events via our ‘CP Safe’ initiative.


Crawshays Welsh RFC is one of the world’s most iconic invitational rugby union sides having been in existence for nearly 100 years. Not only do they field a first-class side to play teams across the UK and beyond, but they have a strong belief in youth rugby. Believing all players have the chance to shine on a wider stage and develop skills that hitherto may go unnoticed.

CP Hire’s commercial partnership with Crawshays enables youth players to train and travel far and wide, with some going on to represent their country.

It's just the beginning...

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