CP Safe – Our Health & Safety Culture

Having a reputation for outstanding levels of service and quality plant equipment is meaningless without a safe working environment. At CP Hire GB we prioritize safety over everything else.

CP Safe is our initiative that sits at the centre of everything we do. It brings together Health and Safety, Training, Behaviours and Quality of Service. These four pillars are our building blocks for ensuring CP Hire GB can continue to provide the levels of safety and service our customers and staff have come to expect.

The Pillars of CP Safe

Health and Safety. Is our priority.

We empower our staff and customers alike to embrace a safer working environment and to make safety the top priority in every situation we come across. The culture we have fostered is in making safety our first consideration in everything we do.

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Training. Knowledge is king.

We firmly believe that investing in our staff ensures we have a brighter future. Building the skills and knowledge within our business ensures we are best positioned to bring safety to the forefront. We are also proud to be able to say that every member of staff has formal IOSH working safely qualifications.

Behaviours.  Do the right thing, every time.

We empower everyone across our business to play their part and do the right thing. We never walk past an opportunity to improve safety or create a better customer experience. Our culture adopts a desire for a safer work environment, it is all too easy to talk the talk, but the challenge is walking the walk.

Quality. The heart of everything we do.

At CP Hire GB we thrive on exceeding our customer’s and staff’s expectations. The outstanding level and quality of service are how we have made our name within the hire industry. We are committed to ensuring that we surpass our already high standards to meet the challenges faced by our customers.

Safety Is Priority

This is not just a bold statement; it is a statement that we as a company stand by. As cheesy as it sounds, “Don’t just be safe, Be CP Safe.”

When accidents happen it affects everyone, not just those injured. The impact on the individual, their family and colleagues can be devastating. Everyone has a part to play in making CP Hire a safer place to work. Doing the simplest of actions can save a life or stop someone from getting hurt.

Culture is what CP Safe is all about, a culture where we think and prioritise safety first, where we actively watch out for one another. Sometimes change is needed and that can meet resistance. But without change, we can never reach our full potential and have a safer workplace for everyone. CP Safe is all about embracing change, finding new ways of working safely, and giving us all the skills, knowledge and empowerment to do our jobs better and more carefully.

Developing Our Talent

Since the inception of CP Safe, we have laid down some substantial safety foundations with the vision to become “best in class” within our industry.

With time and effort, the business has achieved some outstanding milestones in such a short period:

  • Every member of Staff has completed or is currently undergoing ‘IOSH Safety’ qualifications
  • All managers have completed ‘IOSH Managing Safely’ qualifications
  • 655 eLearning modules completed throughout the business
  • 36 days of NPORS Loading and Securing training for our HGV drivers.
  • 40 Forklift accreditations throughout the business
  • ‘FORS Bronze’ accreditation
  • 60 Internal Operating plant for non-operational duties assessments
  • 31 new staff have undertaken our new company induction

So, What’s Next?

CP Hire has achieved an impressive rate of growth since its inception in 2012. As with all growth, certain aspects of the business develop rapidly which, in this case, reflects positively on our safety culture.

CP Safe is looking to continuously review its safety and legal compliance practices to maintain the highest standards possible. With a solid foundation, a rigorous programme with appointed site safety representatives is the next step to fostering a positive safety culture throughout CP Hire.

To learn more about our health and safety culture, please get in contact with Nigel who will be more than happy to discuss any questions you may have on CP Safe.

Email: info@cphire.com

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