Fleet Investment Continues

We're all well aware of the current political climate and the huge indecision surrounding the short and medium term, however, that doesn't necessarily mean that bad times are ahead and we have to continue our positive stance on fleet investment. Indeed, thinking 'cup half full' whilst other hirers pause for breath enable you to refresh the fleet whilst delivery and stock positions with manufacturers ease a little. With this in mind CP Hire have ordered a fleet of new trucks and an excavators package worth in excess of £3m. The new DAF trucks and excavators are being supplied by TBF Thompson in Northern Ireland. TBF are an historic supplier to both CP Hire in the UK and Northern Ireland. Understanding how important it is to us that machines arrive on time and in the correct specification is vitally important.

In addition to transport and excavators are an additional 20 Bomag rollers of all sizes. We run this brand alongside the Hamm roller, also manufactured in Germany. Both variants of compaction machines offer superb reliability and residual values; this is key for us as we run a fleet of machines that's just 19 months' old on average. Whatever our politics is over the next few months, rest assured we will have the right equipment for your site.