20-Ton Digger/ Excavators for Hire Northern Ireland

20-Ton Digger/ Excavators

If you have large-scale construction projects in Northern Ireland and need a heavy-duty and high-performance digger/excavator. Our well-maintained fleet of 20-ton diggers/excavators is available for hire, providing powerful and reliable solutions for your construction needs.

Key features;

  • We use Premium brands to ensure driver satisfaction and performance.
  • We hire a wide range of digger attachments to cater for any on-site requirements.

We prioritize the maintenance and servicing of our diggers/excavators to ensure optimal performance and minimize downtime, so you can rely on our equipment for your critical construction tasks.

Our experienced team is ready to answer any questions and provide tailored rental options to meet your requirements. Get powerful and reliable construction equipment rental with our 20-ton digger/excavator hire.

This digger is available for delivery.

Contact us for competitive rates and flexible rental options!

Max. Digging Depth6.67 m
Width2.8 m
Height2.95 m
Weight22600 kg

20-Ton Digger/ Excavators for Hire Northern Ireland

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