12m Trailer Mounted Lift (Cherry Picker) for Hire Northern Ireland

12m Trailer Mounted Lift (Cherry Picker)

Discover the efficiency and versatility of our 12m trailer-mounted lift cherry picker, the Nifty 120. With its impressive outreach capabilities, your access needs are effortlessly met. Experience enhanced productivity and safety with this state-of-the-art equipment.

Rent a 12m trailer-mounted lift cherry picker and unlock a wide range of applications. Seamlessly reach high areas easily, allowing you to confidently tackle various projects. The Nifty 120’s exceptional outreach enables you to navigate challenging spaces and access difficult-to-reach areas.

Whether you’re in construction, maintenance, or any industry requiring aerial access, the Nifty 120 is designed to meet your specific needs. Its compact and manoeuvrable design allows easy transportation and setup, saving you valuable time and effort.

From its smooth controls to its robust construction, this 12m trailer-mounted lift cherry picker is built for efficiency and reliability. With a focus on user safety, it incorporates essential safety features to ensure a secure working environment.

At CP Hire Ltd, we prioritize customer satisfaction, ensuring a smooth rental process. Our equipment is well-maintained, and our knowledgeable staff can assist you with any inquiries.

PowerBattery / Petrol
Working Height12.2m
Platform Height10.33m
Platform Capactiy200 kg
Working Width3.55m
Weight1400 kg
Safety Requirements
Wear Gloves
Safety Helmet
Safety Harness

12m Trailer Mounted Lift (Cherry Picker) for Hire Northern Ireland

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