10-18m Electric Scissor Lift for Hire Northern Ireland

10-18m Electric Scissor Lift

These battery-powered scissor lifts are designed mainly for indoor use. Most entrances are easily accessible to their dimensions of only 1.17m wide and 1.97m high.

7.8-metre, 10-metre, 12-metre, 14-metre and 18-metre lifts are available.

12-metre narrow lifts are also available.

10m Lift
Working Height9.9m
Platform Height7.92m
Platform Capactiy454 kg
Weight2445 kg
12m Lift
Working Height11.79m
Platform Height9.68m
Platform Capactiy454 kg
Weight2810 kg
14m Lift
Working Height13.8m
Platform Height12m
Platform Capactiy227 kg
Weight3393 kg
18 metre Lift
Working Height18.2 m
Platform Height16.2 m
Platform Capacity680 kg
Width2.28 m
Weight9,250 kg
Safety Requirements
Wear Gloves
Safety Helmet
Safety Harness

10-18m Electric Scissor Lift for Hire Northern Ireland

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